Events and Articles

Events and Articles


Interviewee, China and climate change podcast. China Unscripted with Chris Chappell and Matt Gnaizda. December 18, 2023.
Interviewee, “ESG Insights Exploring Climate Risk.” Broadgate podcast. Early December 2023. 
Panelist, “Quantifying Organizational Climate Risk Exposures.” Climate Risk Management for Financial Institutions, Global FMI conference, New York, NY. November 8, 2023.
Co-speaker (fireside chat), “Climate Risk is OpRisk: Models, Scenarios, and Reputation.” Risk Live North America conference. New York, NY. October 19, 2023.
Panelist, Inside P&C New York conference. “Climate Change and the Complexities it Creates in Commercial Lines Insurance.” September 27, 2023.
Moderator, panel, “Water Beyond Utilities.” Columbia University and Sciens Water conference, “Rethinking Water 2023.” September 19, 2023.
Organizer and moderator, “Speaker Series: Sustainable Cooling as a Climate Solution.” September 11, 2023. Global Adaptation and Resilience (GARI) Working Group webinar.
Panelist, Fathom webinar. “Flood Risk as a Measure of Asset Value.” September 4, 2023.
Organizer and moderator. “Smart Strategies for Tackling Climate Risk.” TCS global virtual platform. August 3, 2023. 
Co-organizer and moderator, “Speaker Series: Financing for Equitable Disaster Resilience.” Global Adaptation and Resilience (GARI) Working Group webinar. July 31, 2023.
Interviewee. Energy.Media podcast interview. “Understanding the Climate Crisis.” July 28, 2013.
Organizer and moderator, “Speaker Series: Climate Risk and Scenario Analysis.” Global Adaptation and Resilience (GARI) Working Group webinar. June 30, 2023.
Lecturer, “Tools and Techniques for Climate Risk Management in the Financial Sector.” Part of online course, “Climate Risk Management for Banking, Financial Services & Insurance sector (CRM-BFSI).” June 18, 2023. 
Moderator, “Digital Empowers: ESG Accountability in 2023.” TCS webinar. April 25, 2023.
Interviewee, Just Another Mindset podcast interview. “Climate disasters are coming if we don’t act now.” April 4, 2023.

Moderator and organizer, “Data into Action: How Emerging Climate Risk Data Flows and Geospatial Analytics are Shaping Resilience Investment.” Global Adaptation and Resilience (GARI) Working Group webinar. March 28, 2023.

Moderator and organizer, “Making Resilience Count: New Accounting Approaches for Quantifying Benefits of Climate Resilient Investment.” Global Adaptation and Resilience (GARI) Working Group webinar. November 10, 2022.

Moderator and organizer, “Driving Climate-Resilient Design in Waterfront Development: WEDG Standards and New Practices in Coastal Real Estate.” Global Adaptation and Resilience (GARI) Working Group webinar. October 20, 2022.

Moderator, “How the Built Environment Can Be a Core Solution to Climate Change.” The Nest Summit, Climate Week NYC. September 21, 2022.

Author and presenter, “Climate Risk: Emerging Landscape and Best Practices.” Pangea Strategic Intelligence and Tata Consultancy Services webinar. June 22, 2022.

Moderator and organizer, “The Role of Insurance in Delivering Resilience: Financing Adaptation and Underwriting Climate Risk.” GARI Working Group webinar. May 12, 2022.

Moderator, “The Fight for Climate After COVID-19 and Prospects for a National Adaptation Strategy.” CFA webinar. Panelists: Alice Hill and Stacy Swann. December 13, 2021.

Moderator, “Superpollutants & COP26: A Discussion of the New Sectoral Approach and Recent Progress.” CFA webinar. Panelists: Durwood Zaelke, Alan Miller, and Stephen O. Andersen. December 6, 2021.

Moderator, “Transatlantic Cooperation on Climate Risk and Resilience.” Climate Week NYC virtual event, sponsored by the European Union and U.S. Climate Alliance. Speakers and panelists included: Elina Bardram, Katie Dykes, Piero Pelizzaro, and Jennifer Phillips. September 23, 2021.

Moderator, “Financing Urban Livability and Climate Solutions: Vision and Opportunity.” CFA Webinar. Panelists: Pierre-André de Chalendar, Manisha Gulati, and Jon Braman. September 22, 2021.

Panelist, “Technology deployment and sustainable cooling in emerging economies: A collaborative approach”, CEEW webinar, Montreal Protocol MOP side event. July 14, 2021.

Moderator, “Innovative Finance for Resilience: Forest Resilience Bonds.” CFA webinar. Panelists: Zach Knight, Nathalie Woolworth, Kevin Fanfoni, Dan Winterson, Todd Gartner. June 29, 2021.

Moderator, “Financing Game Changers for the New “Carbon Negative” Economy: A Look at Biochar.” CFA webinar. Panelists: Dominique Lueckenhoff, Charles Glass, Sandy Hertz. May 18, 2021

Moderator, “Unpacking the Results: A Recap of the Earth Day Leaders Climate Summit.” CFA webinar. Panelists: Dagmara Koska, Laura Zizzo, Laura Ortiz Montemayor, Stacy Swann. April 27, 2021.

Presenter, “Financing the Green and Just Recovery: Municipal Investment in Climate Solutions in the Age of COVID-19.” Julis-Rabinowitz Center for Public Policy and Finance (JRCPPF), School of International and Public Affairs, Princeton University. March 31, 2021.

Moderator, “Resetting Our Future: Cut Super Climate Pollutants Now!” CFA webinar. Panelists: Durwood Zaelke, Alan Miller, and Stephen O. Andersen. March 18, 2021.

Panelist, “Environmental Resiliency: Sea Level Rise.” Princeton Engage 2020. November 6, 2020.

Panelist, “Blockchain Technology and Digital Finance for Climate Action Empowerment.” ClimateWeek NYC webinar. September 24, 2020.

Panelist, “Climate Change: Mitigation and Adaptation.” Princeton Reunions 2020 Alumni-Faculty Forum. June 8, 2020.

Conference panelist, “Climate Resilience ‘Thought Leaders’ Panel: Creating soil & water quality-based carbon credit markets to expedite GHG reductions, restore watershed & drive equitable, sustainable economic development”, Hugo Neu Corp., Kearny Point, NJ, December 4, 2019.

Facilitator and presenter, “Design workshop for WBG Strategic Roadmap on Sustainable Cooling,” World Bank Group, Washington, DC. October 7-8, 2019.

Panelist and expert reviewer, two workshops in a series of four, “Initiative on Closing the Investment Gap in Sustainable Infrastructure,” University of Maryland (with funding from the Governments of Canada and Denmark), Greentree Foundation, Manhasset, NY, June 25 and July 30, 2019.

Facilitator, master class, “Driving Finance Today for the Climate Resilient Society of Tomorrow.”With Alan Miller. NAP Global Network Peer Learning Summit. Rotterdam, the Netherlands. July 11, 2019.

Panelist, “Navigating Climate Scenario Analysis — Implications for Strategic Investment Decisionmaking.” Seminar arranged by Ortec Finance at Chatham House, London Climate Action Week. London, UK. July 1, 2019.

Moderator, “Innovative Solutions II” panel on cutting-edge science to manage climate change. Grounded Summit. Santa Rosa, California. March 21, 2019.

Presenter, Energy Efficiency Finance and the Montreal Protocol. Presenter at NRDC side eventat UN Environment Programme workshop, “Workshop on energy efficiency opportunities while phasing-down hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs).” Vienna, July 10, 2018.

Panelist, An Approach to Joint or Coordinated Investment in Energy Efficiency and Refrigerant Transition. at LBNL side eventat UN Environment Programme workshop, “Workshop on energy efficiency opportunities while phasing-down hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs).” Vienna, July 9, 2018.

Panel moderator, Clean and Resilient Power for Caribbean States: A Workshop on Opportunities and Obstacles to Expanding Renewable Energy Microgrids. NYU Guarini Center. October 31, 2017.

Panelist, Scaling up Investments in LED Public Lighting: Six Proven Financing and Implementation Models. World Bank Group and ESMAP Brown Bag Lunch Panel, Washington, DC. March 13, 2017. 

Panel moderator, Sustainable Energy Solutions for Remote Populations in Latin America: A Workshop on Opportunities and Obstacles to Expanding Off-Grid Renewable Energy Resources. NYU Guarini Center. October 28, 2016.

Articles in the Popular Press

Climate Risk and the Future of US Commercial Real Estate.” CFA Institute, Enterprising Investor blog. January 17, 2024. Co-authored with Adam Sandback.

“Was COP-28 a Success? Depends on Whom You Ask.” Observer. December 19, 2023.

Climate Change Reading List: Books for the Curious & Concerned.” Observer. September 20, 2023.

As Climate Change Stresses Power Grids, Are Blackouts Unavoidable?” Observer. September 7, 2023.

We’ve Never Experienced El Niño Like This.” Observer. June 9, 2023.

Can the Auto Industry Make the EV Battery Math Work?” May 28, 2023.

Is Climate Change a Pressing Financial Risk?” Illuminem. June 30, 2023. Illuminem.

Why the IPCC’s Latest Report Should Spur a Rush to Adapt.” Illuminem. March 27, 2023.

WEF 2023 Risk Report: Climate disasters are coming if we don’t act now.” Illuminem. January 23, 2023.

China’s Water Crisis Could Scramble the Global Economic Outlook.” Barron’s. September 21, 2022. Co-author.

The Role of Insurance Solutions in Climate Resilience.” TCS corporate blog. November 7, 2022.

“The Case for C-Suite Engagement on Climate Risk.” Smart Cities Dive. July 23, 2020. Co-author.

All articles available on Andrew’s author page.

How Scott Pruitt is Dismantling the EPA from the Inside. April 30, 2018.

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Trump Nixing Obama-era Regulations as Wildfires Rage Is a Crime Against Humanity. October 13, 2017.

Let’s Not Use Wealth as an Excuse to Ignore Climate Change. September 11, 2017.

7 Reasons Why More Hurricane Harveys Are Imminent.September 1, 2017.

New Climate Report Says Trump Can’t Stick His Head in the Sand Much Longer. August 11, 2017.

Republicans Are Drunk on Repealing Taxes and Regulations. July 6, 2017.

The Paris Agreement is Better Off without Trump. May 31, 2017.

New Anti-Climate-Change Times Columnist Is Deeply Misguided. May 2, 2017.

2017 Will be Remembered as the Year Electric Cars Came of Age. January 4, 2017.

The Trump Honeymoon is Over. December 11, 2016.

Dear Ivanka: Here’s How You Can Fight Climate Change. December 5, 2016.

A Warning for President Trump: Climate Change Will Burn Red States Too. November 15, 2016.

Refereeing Clinton v. Bernie on Climate Change. July 7, 2016.

Making Hillary’s Trade Policy Great Again. May 16, 2016.

Disdain: The Root of Our Diseased Politics. May 3, 2016.

This Is the Easiest and Least Costly Way to Fight Climate Change. March 29, 2016.

Why are Renewables Buoyant even as Oil Sinks? February 25, 2016.

Former State Department Official: Investors Should Ditch ExxonMobil Stock. January 25, 2016.

Stormy Weather Ahead: The Paris Agreement Is Only a First Step. December 14, 2015.

Is China Pulling Its Weight in the War Against Climate Change? November 30, 2015.

Here’s The One Thing Donald Trump And Progressives Agree On. October 2, 2015.

How the Keystone Pipeline Could Actually Combat Climate Change. September 8, 2015.

Should Israel Fear the Peak Oil Crisis?, March 3, 2017.

Green Your Office. Express (Washington Post). May 13, 2013.

Speak the Language. Express (Washington Post). June 11, 2012.

Time for the Orange and Black to Go Green. The Daily Princetonian, April 1, 2008.

“Tunkinsky National Park: Baikal’s Backyard in Jeopardy.”Russian Conservation News #32: Summer 2003. Co-author.

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